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Launching New Kinds Of Gifting

Author: Giftoin Team

Date: 2022-Jul-10

Gifts in the Olden Days

Gift giving goes back to the very beginnings of human history. Even cavemen gave gifts to demonstrate love and affection towards one another. Gifts inferred a special status when leaders of tribes or clans bestowed tokens for noteworthy achievements. The ancient Egyptians presented gifts to their pharaohs and idols.

During the Roman Empire good luck tokens were bestowed upon those going into battle, and to pledge allegiance. In medieval times, gifts were used to procure the personal favor of a king or lord, or prove loyalty during wars. Dowries, which also took the form of a gift, were presented in the form of coins, livestock, and other wares.


Gift Giving Worldwide

The giving of gifts is a natural human gesture which symbolizes caring, affection or appreciation. Gift giving and timing vary in different parts of the world. Aside from personal occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations, holidays are an ideal time for gift giving.

Countries and cultures worldwide celebrate different holidays, and the type of gift is often determined by local custom. In the US, there is a widespread custom to bestow gifts on Christmas, Quanda, Hanukkah and Easter, but Valentine's Day, Mother’s Day, Father's Day, Bar Mitzvahs, Confirmations and Graduation Days are also traditional times for gifting.

The Chinese New Year (celebrated on October 19) is marked by spring cleaning and the purchase of new clothing or house items. On Single’s Day, celebrated on November 11, unmarried Chinese men and women exchange gifts or indulge themselves with a new purchase. In India, the “Festival of Lights,” or Diwali, is the country’s most popular shopping period. Traditionally, people shop for new clothing and gold. Gifts for women include saris, jewelry, cosmetics and accessories.

Quinceañera is the equivalent of America’s Sweet Sixteen, and many Latin Americans or Americans of Latin descent celebrate a girl’s transition from childhood to womanhood.on the young girl’s 15th birthday. Suitable gifts have always included jewelry (such a birthstone ring or a charm bracelet), perfume and religious artifacts.

These are just a few examples of traditional gifting times and types worldwide. But in many societies, cultures and religions, gifting practices are undergoing significant changes.

Digital Gifting

Gift giving has evolved tremendously over the ages. From a polished stone, rare fruit or a metal token in ancient times to artwork, jewelry, perfume and gadgets in more modern times.

The Internet boosted gifting by making it more accessible. In recent decades many purchasers have chosen to browse for gifts, compare prices and purchase items online without leaving their home. Covid-19 boosted eCommerce tremendously.

However, it is not only the shopping method that has evolved. Increasingly since the beginning of this century, many shoppers have shown a preference for experiential gifts and digital gift vouchers. Often gifts now offer an experience, such as a meal at a restaurant for two, concert tickets, a gift certificate, cooking lessons and much more. Gifting is now firmly anchored within the digital sphere.

Metaverse Gifting

We, at Giftoin, believe that virtual(Web3) gifting is the natural next step. A virtual gift may be a painting, a t-shirt, a song, Crypto coins, a utility NFT, sports collectibles or other items that are registered solely in the recipient’s name. They are one-of-the-kind.

Discover the power of the Metaverse! Take a look at our assortment of virtual gifts on the Giftoin Store website and choose a unique item your loved one will always remember.

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